Fans around the world can watch PDC tournaments online through PDCTV-HD.

PDCTV-HD, which features a multi-platform HD video player, was launched in December 2016 to succeed the LIVEPDC streaming service - but all existing Subscriptions to LIVEPDC remain valid on this website!

Live streaming of PDC televised events is available for fans outside the UK, Ireland and Netherlands, where Sky Sports/ITV & RTL7 hold the broadcast rights.

Highlights from all sessions of TV events will be posted at PDCTV-HD on a 24-hour delay for all Subscribers worldwide.

Subscribers can also watch live streaming from UK Open Qualifiers and Players Championship events throughout 2017, as well as all PDC European Tour events held over three-day weekends during the year.

An additional benefit of PDCTV-HD Annual Subscriptions will be the opportunity to purchase tickets for some PDC televised tournaments in a Priority Sale period ahead of General Sale.

In line with the increased quality of streaming and additional available tournaments, the prices of subscriptions will now be as follows:
Annual Subscription - UK & Ireland: £49.99
Annual Subscription - Rest of the World: £59.99
Monthly Subscription - UK & Ireland: £4.99
Monthly Subscription - Rest of the World: £9.99

For fans who had signed up to a Repeating Subscription with LIVEPDC (which automatically renewed at the end of each monthly/annual cycle), your details have been transferred to PDCTV-HD and your account would continue as normal.

Should you wish to cancel your subscription in future, please contact the PDCTV-HD Customer Services team via email to [email protected], stating your registered email address and package.

Important Note: Due to a technical issue, some UK/Ireland-based fans were re-subscribed onto a Rest of the World Subscription initially. This has now been amended and any additional subscription costs are being refunded accordingly.

* NB Major televised events are not available for live streaming in the UK, Ireland and Netherlands due to our broadcast contracts with partners in these territories, who would operate their own online streaming.